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Colleagues Working Together



Mission Statement:  Through creative design, quality craftsmanship & superior customer service, Humble Creek Homes provides its clients with modern, and responsibly (change to reasonably) priced products and services, that reflect the ever-changing market and demand. With its focus on sustainability and responsible construction, Humble Creek Homes’ products and services are leading the way for the local Improvement as well as the Tiny Home industry in Ottawa & Eastern Ontario. 


Values:  Quality, Communication, Service, Family

  • Quality: Our commitment is to produce a product that is of the highest quality to meet our clients' highest standards, by applying a strict quality assurance process throughout the projects’ production.  

  • Communication: Communication can be the company's strongest or weakest link. Our focus on precise & constant communication ensures our projects operate with minimal delays and minimal additional costs. This is direct result of our robust and strong communication pattern between clients, trades, employees, administration, operations and Project Manager.     

  • Service: We demonstrate a high level of respect towards our client’s decision to select us to complete their project or product. We ensure to actively listen, promptly respond and responsibly act on any and all requests from our valued clients. 

  • Family: We developed an early understanding that our people make our business. It is absolutely crucial that each member of the team feels valued, appreciated and properly guided. With all our business development goals and new project initiatives, we never forget that family must always come first.


Sales Representative

Oriana Orr

Oriana is raised in Ottawa but with Polish roots. She is a loving mom to three boys and her dog Phoebe. She decided city living wasn't for her and wanted to raise kids in a smaller more intimate community similar to how she grew up in Cumberland. She found Russell 12 years ago and hasn't looked back. 


Her career prior to real estate was in education and although they are very different worlds her goal as a Realtor is also to help educate her clients to make smart decisions with their investments, sales of their homes, and the buying of new ones. 


She is a proud agent and part owner of Century 21 Synergy Realty. They are the biggest, and newest, C21 office in the city of Ottawa, that is also a Canadian brand recognized worldwide.


Her enthusiasm is what led us to her and she helps us share our vision of the many possibilities for tiny homes and PODS. We're thrilled to have her on our team as our representing Realtor at Humble Creek Homes.

Junior Foreman

Steven Berneking

Steve Bio Pic.jpg

As Junior Foreman with Humble Creek Homes, Steve ensures that all tasks and projects progress smoothly, safely & at a superior quality.   


Originally from Washington state, Steve grew up working for his father's concrete construction company where he learned various basic construction skills and developed a great work ethic. This has allowed Steve to become a strong addition to our Team and an integral member of the Humble family.


On his off time from building Tiny Homes and tackling Humble renos, he takes pride fixing up his 1920s home in Almonte. He also enjoys the great outdoors and his loyal dog Huck.

Junior Foreman

Simone Dicosta


As Junior Foreman with Humble Creek Homes, Simone ensures that all tasks and projects progress smoothly, safely & at a superior quality.

Born and raised in the South of Italy, Simone has a background in graphic design and digital arts. His outgoing personality and constant desire to learn and challenge himself has led him to work in the hospitality industry, retail and sales in different cities across Italy. All before moving to Canada 4 years ago with his wife Cindy (originally from Ottawa) and their son Santiago.

Besides working at HCH, Simone loves to spend time enjoying what Canadian life has to offer: camping, hiking, skating, and skiing. His favorite hobby remains to cook authentic Italian meals with a good glass of wine.

Patrick Lamothe


Patrick Lamothe

With humble beginnings, Pat grew up in Lowertown Ottawa and now calls the thriving town of Clarence Rockland his home. With his loving wife and beautiful little daughter, they live in a stylish yet modest home.


The entrepreneurial spirit struck Pat early. With an education in graphic arts and marketing, Pat embarked into exciting ventures. This eventually lead him into the field of import and export of food and live animals for the federal public service as a corporate projects consultant. 


Always seeking new adventures, Pat helped launch Humble Creek Homes. From large corporate projects and now Tiny Homes, Pat continues to focus on his passions. 


His appreciation for his community and dedication to family is what we love most about this guy. 


His strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to thrive as a key member of the founding HCH team.


Simon Feizo-Gas

Simon Feizo-Gas

Simon is a local Dunrobin resident of 15 years and was born and raised in Ottawa. With his loving wife and two young boys, they live in a small cozy home near the river. 


His passion for his community grew through the cadet program in his teens, and carried into his service as a Volunteer Firefighter for 10 years. He continues to volunteer locally and always seeks ways to better his community.


With a large variety of work experience, working with a custom home builder and then founding his own contracting company, that Simon found his true passion.


As the founding member of Humble Creek Homes, Simon was able to find a true balance between providing essential products to clients, remaining responsible to his community and all the while maintaining his strong family values. 


Project Manager

Ethan Dubeau

As Project Manager with Humble Creek Homes, Ethan ensures that all of our Projects and Builds stay safe, on budget, on time and at the highest standards. He also provides direct support to our Director of Operations.


Ethan holds over a decade of professional experience in Residential & Commercial Construction. Top graduate in his residential & commercial drafting class, he was selected by his school to compete in the Competence Quebec Trades Competition. Ethan's passion in building and making clients' vision a reality, makes him an amazing addition and true asset to the team.


Away from HCH, Ethan enjoys hunting, camping, fishing & time with family. A true Canadian hobbyist. He also loves to tinker with anything with a motor! Raised in Otter Lake, Québec, il vit toujours dans <la belle province >, à Gatineau, avec sa conjointe.

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