Part of the Humble Homes Product Line The Modest 250 is a minimalist Coach Home of 250sqft to serve as residence or guesthouse. This model includes a combination living/sleeping space, three-piece bathroom, kitchen with space for fridge, stove/oven & dishwasher. It also includes a murphy or sofa bed, a laundry cabinet with a washer/dryer and a mechanical closet with exterior access. Available features include, fold away dining surface, in-ceiling storage, built-in entertainment unit and total home digital technology. THE MODEST 250

Base Price*:

$93,750 CAD

*Please Note: Price is calculated by the square foot. Our Humble Homes Product Line starts at $325/sqft. Our Humble Pods Product Line starts at $275/sqft. Our Humble Homes RVs Product line starts at $375/sqft. Prices for office suites, cabins, or any recreational structure (without plumbing, electrical or Cabinetry) to be placed on a trailer or client's property starts at $245\sqft.


The prices listed above do not include, Lot/Property, Connection to the primary or city services, Major upgrades, Survey, Permit Fees, Variance Fees (if applicable), Legal Services, or the cost of moving the completed home to its destination (if applicable). These costs will be determined during the consultation process and a detailed outline of the above will be included in the initial project estimate.

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